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About Us

Taaleem Foundation and COPAIR are jointly embarking on a novel venture by launching Digital School aligned with National Curriculum and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) with an initial support of Sarwar Foundation. The organization recognizes the needs of today and that homeschooling parents have for support, accountability, guidance and encouragement. Families will be blessed by the opportunities for connection and grow in confidence, as they school under the shelter of our umbrella.


We provide ‘out of the box’ solution for ‘virtual learning’ through innovative educational program that inspires all school going and out of the school children in Pakistan to learn from anywhere with the support of certified teachers.

Taaleem Foundation has successfully established eight (8) high quality grammar schools catering 4000 students in the tribal districts of Balochistan. Our first school dating back to 1989 pioneers in English medium, co-education, and modern educational institution to combat poverty and crime through educational endeavors and to encourage community development through consultative process. Over the years we’ve learnt to develop a program that puts the child’s needs first by training for future. Our education specialists, who ensure that children are groomed and educated effectively, oversee all our work. Taaleem Foundation is now providing technology-enabled learning solution to “Islamabad Model Schools” operated by the Ministry of Federal Education, Government of Pakistan.

Center of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR) is an independent, non-governmental registered organization established in the year 2002. COPAIR is meant to develop Pakistan’s international relations on economic and cultural subjects, enrich and foster the investors, development actors’ intellectual, cultural and personal experiences. COPAIR initiated its two projects Start Up Pakistan, E Women and ICT for girls to mentor and train students in emerging technologies and provided them international certificates and scholarships. COPAIR is doing research and publications to provide guidelines to policy makes to provide affordable and quality education.

Enhancing Student Access to the Educational Programs



The principal rationale of Digital School is to enhance student access to the Educational programs. Of equal importance, Digital School’s education is intended to help students acquire the technical skills and online learning strategies important to the pursuit of their academic and career goals. By developing and teaching online courses, the faculty also acquires new instructional skills important to their professional growth and development. We are committed to providing students and faculty the support and resources they need to succeed as important players in online education.

Our Vision


What we think..

Access to quality schooling to all who need and deserve

Our Mission


What we want to achieve

  • Setting the global standard in rolling out e-Learning platform.
  • Engaging students and teachers in digital learning beyond boundaries.
  • Providing quality education at an affordable price
  • Integrating Skills and entrepreneurship in formal schooling

Our Specialties


Expert areas

  • Online registration
  • Dynamic Team work
  • Smart Class size
  • Smart Technologies 
  • Digital content
  • Online resources
  • Certified teachers


From delivering hundreds of workshops to over 500 faculty members each year to hosting phenomenal events, our staff works with our members, every day, to connect, collaborate and share online learning best practices.

Movers & Shakers


Our Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of community and national leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas, including education, advocacy, poverty eradication, law, fund development, and project management. The Board meets monthly (and twice in person annually). It is responsible for taking care of the strategic and financial health of the organization on an ongoing basis.

Board terms are two years for executive directors, and three years for other members. Officers are elected annually.

If you are self-motivated, inspiring and passionate about the world of online and digital learning, you may be interested in joining our team!

Zafar Qadir
Chairman Digital School
Amna Malik
President COPAIR
Saleem Ranjha
Member BoD TF
Farzana Shahid
Member BoD

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